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Fatty Sundays Inspired Frozen Yogurt Treats

Fatty Sundays Inspired Frozen Yogurt Treats

Fatty Sundays loves fro-yo

Our love for fro-yo (or frozen yogurt, for the newbies!) started a very long time ago, much like our obsession with chocolate covered pretzels. Frozen yogurt treats hold a special place in our bellies! As kids, co-founders Ali and Lauren were fro-yo addicts. They often went to the local yogurt shop on weekends, after school, and during summer months. And they still love fro-yo today. Frozen yogurt and Fatty Sundays gourmet chocolate covered pretzels make an amazing pair. You can use a pretzel rod as a spoon for your fro-yo, or you can crush our chocolate covered pretzels on top for a crunchy, flavorful topping.  Ali and Lauren enjoy the local 16 Handles yogurt after a long day working at their office in Brooklyn. The sisters especially love to create the perfect swirl at the soft serve machines, and of course they leave plenty of room for sprinkles and toppings!
 Fatty Sundays Inspired Frozen Yogurt Treats

Frozen Yogurt Treats

Here are some of our favorite Fatty Sundays + 16 Handles combinations:

  • Chocolate Love Affair yogurt + Peppermint pretzels Perfect for the mint lovers out there, this flavor combination will spice up your day any time of year!
  • Cinnamon Donut yogurt + Toffee pretzels Great for anyone with a sweet tooth, this flavor combination is perfect with a cup of coffee!
  • Graham Cracker yogurt + Cookies and Cream pretzels Amazing for kids of all ages, this flavor combination is most enjoyable with a glass of milk!
  • Oh My, Pumpkin Pie yogurt + Salty Toffee pretzels Seasonal and festive, this flavor combination is ideal for fall!
  • Peanut Butter Confession yogurt + Banana pretzels Ideal for the more health-conscious snack junkie, this flavor combination will keep you fueled all day long!
  • NSA Strawberry Fields yogurt + PB+J pretzels Good choice for anyone who loves fruit flavors, this combination will bring you back to your childhood cafeteria days!
  • Snickerdoodle yogurt + Birthday Cake pretzels Perfect for any celebration, this sweet and flavorful combination is sure to get the party started! 

Grab a box of Fatty Sundays pretzels and throw them in your bag before heading to your local frozen yogurt shop.
We promise your fro-yo trips will never be the same! You can check out all of our chocolate covered pretzel flavors here. Happy shopping!



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