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Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Sprinkle Pretzels

Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Sprinkle Pretzels

The spotlight is on our gluten free dark chocolate pretzels

Thankfully, gluten free will never have to mean chocolate-covered-pretzel-free! Four years ago, our pretzels consisted of three simple ingredients: the pretzel rod, chocolate, and sprinkles. While this is still very much the case today, over time we have broadened our offerings. We’ve expanded our chocolate covered pretzel selection with new flavors, colors, sizes, and even new pretzel rods. We now have gluten free pretzel rods, and today we’re talking all things gluten free dark chocolate pretzels!

 Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Sprinkle Pretzels

Drenched in creamy, rich dark chocolate made from the seed of the cocoa tree, antioxidants are plentiful in our gluten free dark chocolate pretzels! Additionally, the dark chocolate may be linked to other health benefits including:

1. Healthy Skin
2. Healthy Teeth
3. Healthy Heart
4. Sharp Focus

Our dark chocolate gluten free pretzels are a great sweet+salty snack that you can enjoy without the guilt! There are a variety of ways you can enjoy our gluten free pretzels. For a cold pairing, whip up or pick up a fresh batch of creamy pudding (flavor of your choosing). We love to dip our Fatty Sundays pretzels in chilled vanilla pudding and use the pretzel like a small spoon.Or, you can crumble a few pretzels and layer them in the jar of pudding. For a hot pairing, we suggest dipping the pretzels in decadent hot chocolate for the ultimate cozy treat. Our gluten free pretzels also make a great, unique gift for any chocolate lover. Whether the recipient is gluten free or not, the pretzels are truly delicious and addicting!



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