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Gluten Free Toffee Flavor Feature

Gluten Free Toffee Flavor Feature

Gluten Free Doesn't Mean Chocolate Free

Gluten free definitely doesn’t have to mean toffee free or chocolate free! At Fatty Sundays we aim to please, so we’ve created Gluten Free Toffee chocolate covered pretzels. Toffee is one of our most popular flavors and always a customer favorite. Because of this, we’ve added the same great toffee taste to a gluten free pretzel rod for our gluten free customers to enjoy. Dipped in creamy milk chocolate and coated in crunchy toffee bits, this sweet and salty snack will always satisfy any palate. 

Sometimes gluten free treats don’t taste quite as delicious as their non-gluten free counterparts, but Fatty Sundays has this one down! We went through several taste tests to select the perfect gluten free pretzel to use for this product line, and we guarantee our gluten free pretzels taste just as yummy (and crunchy!) as our standard chocolate covered pretzels. While our team at Fatty Sundays is not gluten free, we love to snack on these gluten free pretzels, too! Beside the shape and size of the pretzel, it’s pretty hard to tell the difference! Order yours online today here.



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