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Memorial Day Pretzels: Friday Flavor Feature

Memorial Day Pretzels: Friday Flavor Feature

Celebrate Memorial Day With Our Summer Sprinkle Pretzels

From sea to shining sea, from mountains to prairies, Memorial Day must be remembered and celebrated properly. At Fatty Sundays, we celebrate the right way: with our chocolate covered pretzels. We salute the brave men and women who fought for our beautiful country and celebrate America with perfectly dunked and sprinkled chocolate pretzels. On the last Monday in May, Memorial Day is a day to barbecue, sit by the pool, sip on a cool drink, remember those who fought for our country, and treat yourself to some of our favorite chocolate covered pretzels.

This year, try out our Fatty Sundays Summer Sprinkle Pretzels! The pretzel rods are layered with velvety milk chocolate and festively decorated with red, white, and blue sprinkles.These patriotic treats are great for a Memorial Day BBQ, whether you treat your guests to them or send them to friends and family out of state. And, don't forget that the 4th of July is coming up, so make sure to order them for those celebrations too! Our favorite way to eat these USA themed pretzels is the classic way: with vanilla bean ice cream. Scoop some Ben & Jerry's or Haagen Daz vanilla ice cream into a bowl, and then either crush your pretzels onto the ice cream like a topping, or use the pretzel rods like a spoon and dip the pretzels into the ice cream. Either way, watch your vanilla ice cream begin to turn red, white, and blue. Happy Memorial Day from the Fatty Sundays Family!



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