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Wake up on National Coffee Day with Fatty Sundays

Wake up on National Coffee Day with Fatty Sundays


As two girls living in New York City, sisters Ali and Lauren are big fans of coffee. There’s really nothing like a good cup of coffee to get the morning started. One of our all time favorite places to get coffee in New York is Brooklyn Roasting Company, especially on the weekends. There are a few locations, and it’s a great place to get work done too! We celebrated National Coffee Day with a cup of Brooklyn Roasting Company coffee in hand.

Have you ever tried pairing a box of Fatty Sundays pretzels with a cup of coffee? This is a seriously good combo. Dip the pretzel rod in your coffee and stir, or enjoy your pretzels on the side as a sweet and salty snack. We especially recommend our Toffee chocolate covered pretzels with a cup of coffee. The sweetness of the pretzel combined with the bitterness of coffee is sure to wake up your senses any morning! Happy #NationalCoffeeDay to all of the caffeine drinkers in New York and elsewhere!



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