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We're Celebrating National Donut Day

We're Celebrating National Donut Day

Top Off Your Donut With Our Pretzels

I hope you donut think we’d miss National Donut Day! Fatty Sundays chocolate covered pretzels are our favorite sweet + salty treat, but fluffy donuts are definitely a favorite of ours too. So naturally, to celebrate, we paired them together! Try it out for yourself – we highly recommend pairing your donut with our Cereal + Milk or Peppermint pretzels. You really can't go wrong with a salty, crunchy pretzel and an airy, light donut on National Donut Day. We’ve always enjoyed mixing and matching our pretzels with other desserts... can you blame us?!

No matter how you’re celebrating the day of the donut, Fatty Sundays add a colorful and flavorful twist to the mix. We suggest topping a glazed donut with our Cereal Milk pretzel pieces. This would make for a super special breakfast treat on #NationalDonutDay, in place of your morning bowl of cereal! Another classic combination that we love is a chocolate glazed donut paired with Fatty Sundays Peppermint Pretzels. Crush the pretzels on the top of the donut so that there’s a little burst of mint flavor in each and every bite. Our favorite donut shop in New York is DOUGH, so we paired our pretzels with their famous, handmade donuts. They are large, buttery and fluffy, with sweet layers of icing and different flavored toppings. DOUGH has unique donut flavors like Passion Fruit, Hibiscus, Café Au Lait, and Nutella. Each bite of a DOUGH donut is sweet and delicious, just like our pretzels! They're really a match made in dessert heaven. We hope you enjoy #NationalDonutDay as much as we are!



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