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It's National Vanilla Milkshake Day

It's National Vanilla Milkshake Day


National Vanilla Milkshake Day is not one to miss! One of our favorite desserts (besides chocolate covered pretzels, of course) is a big scoop of vanilla ice cream with all different toppings. Today, instead of eating our vanilla ice cream with a spoon, we’re sipping it through a straw. 

To jazz up a simple vanilla milkshake, simply add Fatty Sundays pretzels to the mix. We’ve decided to share our special Fatty Sundays Vanilla Milkshake recipe with you all.

Fatty Sundays Vanilla Milkshake

Vanilla Milkshake Recipe Ingredients:
-1 scoop vanilla ice cream
-1 cup milk
-As many Fatty Sundays pretzel rods as you can fit into the blender!

Vanilla Milkshake Recipe Directions:
1. Crush your favorite Fatty Sundays pretzels into pieces
2. Place the vanilla ice cream, milk, and pretzels in a blender and mix together
3. Serve in your favorite glass, and enjoy! Can it get any easier?

Celebrate #NationalVanillaMilkshakeDay with the Fatty Sundays inspired vanilla milkshake! Because today is a national holiday celebrating milkshakes, we’re sharing some special facts about vanilla milkshakes:

1. Milkshakes got their name from being served in bars. When the customer enjoyed the milkshake he or she was served, they shook hands with the bartender.
2. June 20th is National Vanilla Milkshake Day, and September 12th is National Chocolate Milkshake Day.
3. The Guinness Book of World Records indicates that, in 2000, Ira Freehod made the world’s largest milkshake. It weighed 6,000 gallons and was equivalent to that of 50,000 normal sized milkshakes.
4. It takes 3,200,000 milkshakes to fill up an Olympic pool.
5. Fatty Sundays Cereal + Milk pretzels taste very similar to a vanilla milkshake.

Our favorite Fatty Sundays pretzels to mix into our vanilla milkshake are SprinklesBirthday Cake and Toffee. In our dream worlds, we'd love to sip on a milkshake everyday at our Brooklyn HQ! Can you blame us?! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!



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