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Nutella Pretzel Bite Sprinkle 'wich

Posted on January 27 2017

Who doesn’t love nutella? Nutella is one of our favorite snacks, and the hazelnut chocolate spread makes for a perfect companion to our pretzels! We created a Nutella pretzel bite sprinkle sandwich that is sure to please your sweet palate, and we’re here to share the decadent creation with you!

Nutella Pretzel Bite Sprinkle 'wich Ingredients:
-White or wheat bread
-Rainbow sprinkles
-Fatty Sundays Toffee Pretzel Bites

Nutella Pretzel Bite Sprinkle 'wich Directions:
-Toast your bread
-Spread and lather Nutella all over the bread
-Decorate with rainbow sprinkles
-Top with Fatty Sundays Toffee Pretzel Bites, broken apart into smaller pieces

Our sandwich is a take on the traditional Nutella sandwich. Add peanut butter or marshmallow fluff if you’re feeling extra adventurous! Treat yourself to this delicious snack on a (Fatty) Sunday like we did!



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