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PB&J Pretzels: Friday Flavor Feature

PB&J Pretzels: Friday Flavor Feature

The Fatty Sundays Version of the PB&J Sandwich

The timeless combination of peanut butter and jelly is one of our all-time favorites. Because we love it so much, we decided to create Fatty Sundays PB&J pretzels. Made with creamy raspberry infused milk chocolate and covered in crushed peanuts, these classic flavors taste amazing on a pretzel rod. This flavor is one of our most unique. Want to give them a try? Be the coolest kid at school and whip these pretzels out of your lunch box!

Here are some fun facts about the history of the PB&J sandwich:

  • The average American will eat 1500 PB&Js before they turn 18
  • Bread slicing technology made the PB&J popular
  • PB&Js fed the troops
  • February 12th and April 2nd are both National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day

Our Fatty Sundays PB+J chocolate covered pretzels are a great sweet + salty snack to stash in your lunchbox or backpack during the school day.Make sure to bring extras to share with your classmates, because we've all learned that sharing is caring! Fun fact? Fatty Sundays PB&J pretzels happen to be Co-founder Ali’s favorite flavor to date. Her recommendation is to gift these to any of your nut-lover friends! Check them out here!



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