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Poppin Featured Our Bright, Colorful Desk

Poppin Featured Our Bright, Colorful Desk

Are you Poppin?

What makes you work happy? We love a clean desk space with bright, pretty office supplies. Where do we turn to to get this aesthetic, you ask? Poppin: an office supply store in New York City with super fun, colorful office supplies. Most (if not all) of our desk supplies are from their store, and we love how everything is minimal in design but very functional. Their bright color scheme matches ours so well! Poppin recently featured our co-founder Ali’s desk decor on their website, and we love the way it looks.

If you’re looking for supplies, whether for your office space or for your desk at home, check out Poppin’s website! Need a work happy productivity tip? Co-founder Ali puts in her earbuds and blasts fun, upbeat music whenever she really needs to focus.



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