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Post-Graduation Problems

Post-Graduation Problems

You’re fresh out of college, starting a new entry-level job, and trying to figure out how to afford that New York apartment. Post-grad life is tough. And you can find yourself falling into a routine: work, eat, sleep. We think it’s important to have a side project you can work on to break up that routine. Projects are fun, rewarding, challenging, and allow your creative side to shine!

Start a blog. It’s easier said than done, but writing down what you’re passionate about is the first step. Whether it be food, fashion, or travel, logging your interests in a personal blog and sharing with the online world can be so satisfying. And your readers will be engaged if you’re interested in the subject!

Start a business. Did you know co-founder Lauren started working on Fatty Sundays her final year of college? Even if it’s a side job, it feels great to try and start your own thing. No matter what happens with it and where it takes you, risks are a part of life! The real, adult world is hard to enter after you’ve been in school for years. Think about what you’re really interested in and make that a focus of your life. Co-founders Ali and Lauren have serious sweet teeth and were inspired by their mom’s chocolate covered pretzels growing up. Here they are five years later with a fast-growing start-up business!




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