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Pretzel Ice Cream “Smoothie” Bowl

Pretzel Ice Cream “Smoothie” Bowl

There’s no better pair than Fatty Sundays chocolate covered pretzels and ice cream. This past weekend we combined two classics, our PB+J pretzels and a strawberry vanilla shake, and discovered our new favorite flavorful dessert for the spring. Learn how to make our Pretzel Ice Cream “Smoothie” Bowl here, and indulge yourself on a Sunday morning. Because Fatty Sundays is all about treating yourself to dessert for breakfast, once in a while!

Pretzel Ice Cream “Smoothie” Bowl

Pretzel Ice Cream Smoothie Bowl Ingredients

-1 handful fresh strawberries, stemmed and sliced
-3 scoops vanilla ice cream
-1/2 cup milk


-Fatty Sundays PB+J pretzels, cut into bite sized pieces
-Fresh strawberry slices
-Roasted peanuts
-White chocolate chips
-…and whatever else you want!

Pretzel Ice Cream Smoothie Bowl Directions

-Blend strawberries, vanilla ice cream and milk in blender until smooth. Pour shake into a shallow bowl.
-Top with bite-sized PB+J pretzels, fresh strawberry slices, roasted peanuts, and white chocolate chips. Serve immediately.

Pretzel Ice Cream “Smoothie” Bowl

With this simple recipe, you can let your creativity run wild and add whatever toppings you love most. Coconut flakes, kiwi slices, dark chocolate chunks, you name it. The strawberry vanilla ice cream tastes delicious with pretty much anything bite sized and sweet. But remember, our PB+J pretzels are an absolute must! With the taste of a salty pretzel infused with sweet raspberry flavor and nutty crunch, you’ll add so much life and texture to simple, smooth ice cream. Yum!

Keep it cool this spring and beat the approaching summer heat with this drool-worthy, yummy dessert. And if you’re a PB+J fan in general, you’ll love our PB+J pretzels. They taste just like the old-fashioned sandwich you grew up eating as a kid!



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