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Pretzel Smoothie Bowl

Pretzel Smoothie Bowl

It's For the 'Gram

We always drool over the smoothie bowls people are posting on their Instagram pages. They’re so pretty and satisfying to look at, so we gave it a try and made a pretzel smoothie bowl. It’s super easy to make. While it requires a few ingredients, you can easily use the extra toppings for a salad, or just to snack on!

Smoothie Ingredients
-8 ounces of yogurt (your choice of flavor)
-1 ½ cups frozen fruit
-1 cup of juice (your choice of flavor)
-1/2 - 1 cup ice cubes

-Rainbow sprinkles
-Whole almonds
-Sliced almonds
-White chocolate chips
-And, the best part, Fatty Sundays Rainbow Sprinkles, chopped up into pieces

Pretzel Smoothie Bowl Directions
-Put yogurt, frozen fruit, juice, and ice cubes in a blender and blend until smooth
-Pour smoothie into a bowl
-Decorate smoothie with the topping ingredients as you like!

We recommend a square-shaped bowl that isn’t too deep, so you can more easily decorate the toppings into line shapes in the bowl. Feel free to switch up the ingredients and make it your own! This is like a modern-day trail mix, and it’s perfect to snack on any time of day. It may even look too pretty to eat!



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