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The Scientific Reasoning Behind the Sweet + Salty Combo

The Scientific Reasoning Behind the Sweet + Salty Combo

Are you the type who loves to mix together sweet treats and salty snacks? We certainly are! Ever take a moment and  wonder why this combo tastes so delicious? Spoon University, a media hub for all things food, looked into this phenomena and provided some scientific answers. Since Fatty Sundays are the most delicious sweet and salty goodies out there, we wanted to give you the scoop on why that is!

Our tongues can sense all five tastes: sweet, salty, bitter, sour, and savory. Tastebuds have taste cells that respond to these flavors. Scientists recently discovered that sugar receptors exist on sweet taste cells on the tongue. The flavor layer effect shows that the combo of two flavors creates an enjoyable taste two times greater than one flavor alone. Also, salt acts as a flavor enhancer, so salt enhances the sugar flavor. That’s why the two flavors, sweet and salty, go so well together! Now that you know the science behind it, go ahead and enjoy some Fatty Sundays sweet and salty pretzels. Don’t forget to share this fun fact with your friends and family, and, if you are feeling generous, maybe share your pretzels, too!



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