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Spring Into Mother’s Day With Our Ice Cream “Smoothie” Bowls

Spring Into Mother’s Day With Our Ice Cream “Smoothie” Bowls

We made a fresh, pretty treat for Mother’s Day: ice cream “smoothie” bowls topped with Fatty Sundays bite-sized pretzels! The pastel pink color of our strawberry smoothie is just perfect for spring. We were so happy with how these came out that we had to share with you.

Our Mom’s famous rainbow sprinkle chocolate covered pretzels inspired the start of Fatty Sundays, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without her. Growing up we loved being in the kitchen with Mom making and enjoying her goodies. If you love spending time in the kitchen with your Mom like we do, make these simple ice cream smoothie bowls together! Or, surprise her on her special day and make them for her. There’s no sweeter gift for Mom than something handmade by you. Read on to get started with your smoothie bowl creations!

Mother’s Day Ice Cream “Smoothie” Bowls

Pretzel Ice Cream Smoothie Bowl Ingredients
-1 handful fresh strawberries, stemmed and sliced
-3 scoops vanilla ice cream
-1/2 cup milk

Pretzel Ice Cream Smoothie Bowl Directions
-Blend strawberries, vanilla ice cream and milk in blender until smooth. Pour half of the shake into a shallow bowl, and the other half into another bowl.

For the PB+J Bowl:
-Top with bite-sized PB+J pretzels, fresh strawberry slices, roasted peanuts, and white chocolate chips. Serve immediately.

For the Cinnamon Sugar Bowl:
-Top with bite-sized Cinnamon Sugar pretzels, fresh strawberry slices, raspberries, blackberries, white chocolate chips, and sprinkle with coconut. Serve immediately.

Mother’s Day Ice Cream “Smoothie” Bowls

If your Mom is more of a savory gal, she’ll love the PB+J bowl. And if she has a sweet tooth, the Cinnamon Sugar bowl is sure to satisfy her craving!

We want to wish every Mom out there a Happy Mother’s Day from the Fatty Sundays family. Being a Mom is definitely the hardest job out there, and we love that there’s a special day every year to celebrate the women who raised us. We know we’ll be snacking on Fatty Sundays pretzels with our Mom today, why don’t you do the same?!



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