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Store Spotlight: Dean & Deluca

Store Spotlight: Dean & Deluca

Fatty Sundays is proudly on the shelves of Dean & Deluca

One of Fatty Sundays’ best retail friends is Dean & Deluca. They were one of the first stores to carry our chocolate covered pretzels, and we're always so honored to say that NYC residents can swing by their local shop to grab a box of Fatty Sundays! 

According to Giorgio DeLuca and Joel Dean, “At Dean & Deluca we want to share with you our passion for food of incomparable quality and taste.” Fatty Sundays pretzels are high quality and bursting with flavor, and we are thrilled to share shelf space with other goodies of the same caliber. Since the initial store opening, Dean & Deluca has expanded even beyond its hallmark locations in New York City. Their stores are now in Washington, DC; Charlotte, North Carolina; Leawood, Kansas; St. Helena, California; and Honolulu, Hawaii. There are also several international locations! Whether you live in New York City or you’re in town for leisure, be sure and stop by the store! One of our favorite things to do in NYC is to go to Dean & Deluca, grab some sandwiches and snacks (Fatty Sundays!), and set up a picnic in Central Park. It's so relaxing to eat outside and enjoy the amazing NYC summer weather!



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