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Unicorn Sprinkle Matzah Ice Cream Sandwiches

Unicorn Sprinkle Matzah Ice Cream Sandwiches

Tasked with bringing dessert to your Passover Seder? You came to the right place. This Passover season, for a limited time only, we’re making gourmet chocolate covered matzah. We’ve transformed plain matzah into a mouthwatering treat that’s sure to make you the MVP of Passover. We’re here to share some ways you can get even more creative with Fatty Sundays chocolate covered matzah. We have a few different matzah options for you to choose from. One of our new flavors this year is Unicorn Sprinkles. The matzah is drenched in white chocolate and decorated with unicorn sprinkles. That’s right, unicorn sprinkles! Unicorn sprinkles are a mixture of colorful star sprinkles and pastel nonpareils. They are almost too pretty to eat! Follow our super simple matzah ice cream sandwich recipe below to make an extra sweet dessert for Passover. 

Unicorn Sprinkle Matzah Ice Cream Sandwiches Recipe Ingredients

-Fatty Sundays White Chocolate and Unicorn Sprinkles Matzah
-Pint of strawberry ice cream

Unicorn Sprinkle Matzah Ice Cream Sandwiches Recipe Directions

-Sandwich together two matzah pieces with a mini scoop of strawberry ice cream inside
-Repeat to make as many ice cream sandwiches as you need!

Our Unicorn Sprinkles matzah is bound to make all of the kids at the Seder table smile and giggle. It’s unique and fun to eat! Not a big fan of strawberry ice cream? Any ice cream flavor works! Try chocolate ice cream to balance the white chocolate on top of the matzah.  Make the most of matzah this year with our fun flavors, all of which are available on our site. We have options ranging from Passover snacks for yourself, gifts for family or friends, or large assortments for the seder table with lots of guests. Be sure to also try out other matzah recipes on our blog.



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