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White Chocolate Halloween Candy Bark

White Chocolate Halloween Candy Bark

Halloween is just around the corner! Make sure you’re prepared with festive candy (and pretzels!) in hand. Spice up your Halloween soiree this year with our quick, easy White Chocolate Halloween Candy Bark. It’s super simple to make: melt white chocolate and top with your favorite Halloween candy and Fatty Sundays pretzels. That’s it! Now get melting and decorating.

White Chocolate Halloween Candy Bark With Fatty Sundays Toffee Pretzels

Halloween Bark Recipe Ingredients

-White chocolate chips
-Candy corn
-Sour Patch Kids
-Fatty Sundays Toffee Pretzel Bites

Halloween Bark Recipe Directions

*The below directions work if you have a double boiler, which is the best way to melt chocolate. See here for other ways to do it!

-Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside. Gather your candy and broken Toffee Pretzels and set aside as well.
-Place the white chocolate chips in the top of your double boiler.
-Fill the bottom half of a double boiler with about 1 inch of water. Heat the water on medium high heat until it begins to come to a small boil.
-Reduce the heat to low. Now, place the top of the double boiler with the white chocolate chips atop the boiling water. With a rubber spatula, stir the white chocolate gently but continuously to avoid scorching. It will begin to melt. Continue stirring until it is mostly melted but a few bumps still remain. You can remove the top of the double boiler now. Be careful when removing it!
-Using your rubber spatula, transfer the white chocolate to the baking sheet and smooth it out into a square shape until it is a thin layer of chocolate. While the chocolate is hot, place your candies and Fatty Sundays Toffee Bites on top in decorative rows as pictured above. Cool your candied bark in the refrigerator for at least one hour before enjoying.

We chose our favorite candies in fall colors for this bark, but you can replace with any candies you love most! For an impressive display, place your colorful bark alongside other spooky sweets and snacks. Or gather all of the ingredients into bowls and set up a DIY station for your guests to enjoy decorating their own chocolate barks.

Want to see more Halloween posts? Check out our Halloween Brownies and Ghost Pretzels for more dessert recipes and DIY inspiration. Have fun and stay safe this Halloween! 



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