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  • Our Story, On National Entrepreneurs’ Day

    Posted on November 19 2019

    Our Story, On National Entrepreneurs’ Day
    On National Entrepreneurs’ Day today, we first want to thank you for supporting our pretzel journey and being a part of our story, which started just over 6 years ago. We wouldn’t be where we are today without each and every one of you. We love you all! If you’re new to our story, welcome to Fatty Sundays! This small, family-owned business was born in Mom’s kitchen. Growing up, sisters Ali and Lauren loved snacking on Mom’s chocolate covered sprinkle pretzels. By early 2010, they set out to s...
  • A+ College Care Package Tips From Our Mom Karen, The 'Care Package Queen'

    Posted on September 17 2019

    A+ College Care Package Tips From Our Mom Karen, The 'Care Package Queen'
    If you've been following along with our pretzel journey, you know by now how huge of an inspiration our mom, Karen, was for Fatty Sundays. Growing up we loved snacking on her famous sprinkles chocolate covered pretzels, and by 2012 we couldn't keep her confections to ourselves any longer! It was time to share her pretzel treats with the world (we gave them a modern makeover first, though!). We started wondering, why aren't there any fun flavored chocolate covered pretzels out there? So we fir...
  • For National Sisters’ Day, We Asked Ali And Lauren 5 Questions

    Posted on August 04 2019

    For National Sisters’ Day, We Asked Ali And Lauren 5 Questions
    It’s Sisters’ Day! National Sisters' Day always falls on the first Sunday in August (how fitting for Fatty Sundays)! While they may not always agree, sisters share such a unique bond unlike anything else, and they deserve their own holiday! And sisterhood is, of course, a huge part of Fatty Sundays. Together, Ali and Lauren have been through it all. From growing up enjoying 'fatty Sundays' with their family, to now building a chocolate pretzel biz, they've shared many amazing memories as sis...
  • A Walk Down Memory Lane: Sleepaway Camp!

    Posted on June 10 2019

    A Walk Down Memory Lane: Sleepaway Camp!
    Summer Treats for Your Little Campers It’s summer, and that means time for sleep away camp for many kids! Co-founders Ali and Lauren loved going to summer camp. We were feeling nostalgic about it, so we went through storage boxes and dug up some of our old camp stuff. We still remember all the yummy goodies we brought to camp! Our parents made sure to stock us up with snacks before we left for the summer. Going to camp prepared with treats was awesome, not to mention our friends and counselor...
  • Happy Father’s Day!

    Posted on June 08 2019

    Happy Father’s Day!
    Father figures are the best. Dad, Uncle Bob, Grandpa Al, Stepdad...they teach you cool (and sometimes random) things, equip you with important life skills, and are always willing to buy you ice cream. This Father’s Day, steer clear of cliché gifts. You know what we're talking about...the BBQ tools, watches, shirts, ties. Those gifts are so last Father's Day, and did you know guys love chocolate just as much as we do? You really can’t go wrong with food gifts for him, especially sweet and sal...


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