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  • Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate Cookies

    Posted on January 30 2019

    Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate Cookies
    It’s official, we’ve found our new favorite cookie. And it’s as chocolate-y as ever, with five different ingredients containing chocolate. These cookies have such a rich, bold, intense, dark flavor, and they taste like brownies. Drooling yet? For National Dark Chocolate Day, we made sea salt dark chocolate cookies with our Salted Caramel pretzels to top. Almost everything in this recipe is dark: dark brown sugar, dark chocolate chips, dark cocoa powder, dark chocolate covered pretzels...and a...
  • (Re)Branding Made Easy With Custom Pretzel Favors

    Posted on January 28 2019

    (Re)Branding Made Easy With Custom Pretzel Favors
    Looking to give your company a fresh, new look? It’s probably time to say goodbye to that outdated logo and confusing website. Change is hard, but sometimes so necessary! And once you’ve finalized exactly what needs to change, you’ll have to communicate your company’s new brand with your clients. Well, we can help you with that part! We love creating custom branded pretzel favors for any sort of occasion, whether it be for client thank you gifts, for a product launch, as part of your rebrandi...
  • Valentine’s Day Baked Red Donuts

    Posted on January 23 2019

    Valentine’s Day Baked Red Donuts
    What better way to surprise your special someone this Valentine’s Day than with breakfast in bed? And we’re not saying with yogurt, eggs or avocado toast, but with homemade, baked donuts! Yes, that’s right. Because Valentine’s Day is a day to treat your boo (and yourself!) with something extra sweet. We made festive red donuts to celebrate the holiday of love, and we had so much fun decorating them with Valentine’s Day sprinkles, conversation hearts, and of course, our pretzels. These donuts ...
  • Banana Pudding Pretzel Pie for National Pie Day

    Posted on January 16 2019

    Banana Pudding Pretzel Pie for National Pie Day
    We can’t think of a better way to celebrate National Pretzel Day than with a fun, pretzel-filled recipe. Fatty Sundays pretzels that is of course! Some may suggest sharing it with friends, but no judgement here if you have it all to yourself.
  • DIY Decorated Christmas Jars With Pretzel Bites

    Posted on December 13 2018

    DIY Decorated Christmas Jars With Pretzel Bites
    Christmastime is the season of magic, joy and giving. And there’s nothing more special than giving loved ones Christmas gifts that you made. On top of that, everyone loves sweets this time of year. So we decided to get crafty by decorating mason jars with a simple Christmas touch and filling them with our favorite Pretzel Bites. These DIY decorated Christmas jars are just so easy to put together, and your friends and family will love the way they look! They’re perfect for Mom, Dad, siblings, ...


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