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  • Assorted Matzo Dessert Sandwiches

    Posted on February 21 2020

    Assorted Matzo Dessert Sandwiches
    Can’t think of just one Passover dessert that’ll satisfy everyone at the Seder table? Well why choose one dessert when you can mix and match? Here are some fun ways to top off your Fatty Sundays chocolate covered matzo and delight all of your Seder guests at once! Assorted Matzo Dessert Sandwiches Recipe Ingredients -Fatty Sundays Matzo (choose from a selection on our site, coming soon!)-Jar of Nutella-Jar of peanut butter-Jar of fluff-Sliced strawberries-Sliced bananas-Rainbow sprinkles Ass...
  • Candy Sushi with Birthday Cake Pretzel Bites

    Posted on January 15 2020

    Candy Sushi with Birthday Cake Pretzel Bites
    Fatty Sundays Dreams Of Candy Sushi What’s the only thing better than sushi? Candy sushi with our Birthday Cake pretzel bites! This might sound daunting to make at first, but we’ve got a step-by-step, easy-to-follow recipe for you. So break out those chopsticks and get creative! Plus, there's no baking required for this. Candy Sushi Recipe Ingredients -1 tablespoon butter, cut into pieces-12 regular marshmallows-2 cups puffed rice cereal-4 fruit roll-ups–Fatty Sundays Birthday Cake bites C...
  • Sing Happy Birthday With Funfetti Birthday Cake

    Posted on June 20 2019

    Sing Happy Birthday With Funfetti Birthday Cake
    Sing Happy Birthday With Birthday Cake Pretzels Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. What better way to celebrate than with a cake-batter-flavored pretzel? Our birthday cake pretzels make for a great treat at any age. They're also a great gift to send a special someone on their birthday. As a spin on a traditional funfetti birthday cake, we created a pretzel infused with birthday cake flavor. They're coated in creamy white chocolate, infused with birthday cake flavoring, then topped ...
  • It's National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

    Posted on June 07 2019

    It's National Chocolate Ice Cream Day
    Dunk Our Pretzels in Your Favorite Chocolate Ice Cream I scream, you scream… we’re all screaming for Fatty Sunday’s and ice cream! If you’re a member of the chocolate lovers club like we are, then National Chocolate Ice Cream Day is probably marked in your calendar. We love how rich, creamy and indulgent chocolate ice cream is. And, you guessed it, our crunchy chocolate covered pretzels pair perfectly with it! The crunchy texture of our chocolate covered pretzels just goes so well with class...
  • You Say Hamenstashen, We Say Pretzeltashen!

    Posted on March 13 2019

    You Say Hamenstashen, We Say Pretzeltashen!
    You say Hamenstashen, we say Pretzeltashen! This year, in honor of Purim, we put our own twist on the classic hamentashen cookie. We used pretzel dough instead of traditional hamenstashen cookie dough (what can we tell you, we’re pretzel obsessed!). Classic hamentashen are sweet cookies often filled with sweet jams or chocolate. They’re usually doughy and thick, and are in the shape of a triangle. We filled our “cookies” with different colored nonpareils, and also dipped them in white chocola...


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